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Week's Economic Calendar

Latest Features - Depression2.tv

Questions from Rich Lancaster - Open for YOUR Comments
31 March 2005

Article from the Washington Post - Open for YOUR Comments
8 March 2005

by Rich Lancaster - Open for YOUR Comments
24 February 2005

by Rich Lancaster - Open for YOUR Comments
15 February 2005

by D2 Readers - Open for YOUR Comments
10 January 2005

Daily Market Commentary

Top Daily Stories - Wire
Union Calls off Gold Fields Strike After Court Ban (3/31/2005)
UK House Prices Dip (3/31/2005)
Ex-Yukos Boss Faces Labor Camp (3/31/2005)
Morgan Grinder (3/31/2005)
Hitler: A Wartime Analysis (3/31/2005)
World Population: Stopping at 7 Billion? (3/31/2005)
From Wolfensohn to Wolfotitz....How Appropriate! (3/31/2005)
Is Greenspan Now Between a Rock & a Hard Place? (3/30/2005)
Real Rates & Gold 8 [Must Read....Ed] (3/30/2005)
Back to the Post-Oil Future (3/30/2005)
Two UK Banks to Shed 1,700 Jobs (3/30/2005)
Silver, Gold & Dollar Index (3/30/2005)
Scientists Struggle to Explain Why Earthquake Didn't Cause a Tsunami (3/30/2005)
Planet Under Pressure (3/30/2005)
A Purge on Wall Street as Ethics Anxiety Spreads (3/29/2005)
Canada: Tribes Oppose Pipeline to Tap Land Rich in Oil Reserves (3/29/2005)
Say Goodbye to Record Low Rates (3/29/2005)
Peak Oil Puts Us in a Different Reality (3/29/2005)
Unlikely Bedfellows Lobby Against Gas Guzzlers (3/29/2005)
Angola Says Virus 'Under Control' (3/29/2005)
Gold Industry Braces for Onslaught (3/29/2005)
Arguments Just Don't Square Up (3/28/2005)
History of Taxation Says Hide Your Gold (3/28/2005)
Massive Earthquake Causes Panic in Asia (3/28/2005)
Stocks Rise as Crude Eases (3/28/2005)
The Diamond Fallacy (3/28/2005)
Caught in the Fed's Inflation Trap (3/28/2005)
The Future of Uranium (3/28/2005)
Pakistan Stock Exchange Riot (3/25/2005)
Sorry Soros (3/25/2005)
The Long Emergency (3/25/2005)
Bunker Two (3/25/2005)
Who Was Charles Dow? (3/25/2005)
Bush Signs Law on Release of CIA-Nazi Documents (3/25/2005)
Kyrgyzstan Leader Condemns 'Coup' (3/25/2005)
If You Think Higher Interest Rates Will Help the Dollar, Think Again! (3/25/2005)
Hedging Your Bets(3/24/2005)
The Energy Crunch to Come (3/24/2005)
Stephen Roach: The Test (3/24/2005)
Why Intervention Persists (3/24/2005)
Perle Diving (3/24/2005)
South African Miners Start Strike (3/24/2005)
New Home Sales, Durables Orders Rose (3/24/2005)
American Airlines Fright (3/23/2005)
British Energy Chief Quits (3/23/2005)
Richard Pearle May Face SEC Lawsuit (3/23/2005)
The Danger of the Debt Trap (3/23/2005)
The Inner Herd (3/23/2005)
Commodity Prices - Bubble Top or More to Go? (3/23/2005)
Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America? (3/23/2005)
Dow Closes Down 95 on Inflation Fears (3/22/2005)
Crude Oil Prices Plunge on Proft Taking (3/22/2005)
Fed Raises Rates to Check Inflation (3/22/2005)
Time Warner to Pay US$300mil to Settle SEC Charges (3/22/2005)
Risky Real Estate Moves (3/21/2005)
Gold Down in Europe as U.S. Rate Talk Lifts Dollar(3/21/2005)
Dieoff: Industrialization, Prelude to Collapse (3/21/2005)
China Bank Boss in Surprise Exit (3/21/2005)
Fear & Loving of Hot Commodities (3/21/2005)
Heading for a Soft Landing (3/21/2005)
The Death of the Dollar (3/21/2005)
Weekend Extra: D.R.A.F.T [Humor] (3/20/2005)

Athabascan Sand Oil Basics

Cost Analysis for Production of Sand Oil
Shell, Exxon Tap Oil Sands, Gas as Reserves Dwindle
Alberta Blue Video
Oil Sands: Second Only to Saudi Arabian Reserves
Tar Sands: A Brief Overview

Roach: America Smells the Coffee (3/18/2005)
Home Prices Soar (3/18/2005)
Party Like its 1929 (3/18/2005)
Budget woes mean BYOTP in Buffalo (3/18/2005)
Internet Classic: Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (3/17/2005)
"Class Warfare" - GOP Works to get Bankruptcy Bill to House (3/17/2005)
Hard Work, Hard Times: One Setback Can Send a Middle-class Family Reeling (3/17/2005)
More Assaults on Working Americans (3/17/2005)
Bankruptcy 'Reform' (3/17/2005)
Bankruptcy Reform Could Hurt Homeowners (3/17/2005)
Crude Hits $56 (3/17/2005)
Lieberman Tries to Have it Both Ways (3/16/2005)
4th-Qtr Current Account Deficit Grows to Record (3/16/2005)
Trade Deficit at All-Time High of $665.9B (3/16/2005)
Hard Work, Hard Times (3/15/2005)
Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call (3/15/2005)
The View from the Summit of Hubert's Peak (3/15/2005)
Church Fights Da Vinci Code Novel (3/15/2005)
Hedonic Hedonism 1/2 (3/15/2005)
China Working on Currency Flexibility (3/15/2005)
A Snapshot Look at Oil (3/15/2005)
South African Rand Slips as Rally in Gold Stalls (3/15/2005)
OfficeMax 4Q Earnings Plummet 90 Percent (3/14/2005)
Running on Empty (3/14/2005)
China May Surprise on Currency - Premier (3/14/2005)
Roach: The China Disconnect (3/14/2005)
Paying by Fingerprint at the Supermarket (3/14/2005)
Freddie Mac: A Mercantilist Enterprise (3/14/2005)
Era of Cheap Oil Over, says Kuwait Official (3/14/2005)
Gold Firing on all Cylinders (3/14/2005)

Venezuela, Chavez, Oil & Politics

Chávez May Indeed Be in Somebody's Crosshairs
Murder or Ouster For Chavez?
Globocop v. Venezuela's Chavez
Chavez Says Iran Has Right to Atomic Energy
Venezuela: Country Analysis Brief

DoE Report: Peaking of World Oil Production (3/11/2005)
Is Bush Now a Budget Cutter? (3/11/2005)
Enron Book: Conspiracy of Fools (3/11/2005)
UK: Water Bills to Rise 12% (3/11/2005)
Global: The Paradox of Stability (3/11/2005)
Dollar Falls, Gold Rises in Europe (3/11/2005)
Gold & Silver Daily Comments (3/10/2005)
Palast on Rather: I'd Rather Not Say Goodbye, Dan (3/10/2005)
4 Banks Pay $428.4M Fine (3/10/2005)
Enough of US Hegemony (3/10/2005)
The U.S. Economy is as Vulnerable as Ever to an Oil-Shock (3/10/2005)
The Lean Economy: A Vision of Civility for a World in Trouble (3/10/2005)
The Enemy Within (3/10/2005)
Global Toll of Malaria 'Doubled' (3/10/2005)
UK: Increase in Factory Output Sparks Call for Interest Rate Rise (3/10/2005)
Dealing with the Muslim World: Five Western Mistakes (3/9/2005)
Chavez: Our Oil Reserve Does Not Belong to Mr. Bush (3/9/2005)
Glaxo Reveals More Than 3,000 Jobs Lost Last Year (3/9/2005)
An Austrian Theory of Environmental Economics (3/9/2005)
McD's Tries the Healthy Way (3/9/2005)
US 10-Year Treasury Yield Highest Since August (3/9/2005)
Thoughts on a Second Great Depression (3/9/2005)
US Risks Losing Competitive Edge (3/9/2005)
Oil Nears $55 (3/9/2005)
Elliott Wave on Deflation (3/9/2005)
Warren Buffett on Gold (3/8/2005)
The Politics Behind the US Dollar (3/8/2005)
What if Oil Cost $200 a Barrel? (3/8/2005)
From Jobless to Wageless (3/8/2005)
Why the Dollar is Falling (3/8/2005)
Author Links Wal-Mart, China (3/8/2005)
China Clarifies Conditions for Non-Peaceful Means to Stop Secession (3/8/2005)
Putting On Rally Caps Over Jobs Growth a Fool's Game (3/8/2005)
Chavez Proclaims Era of Cheap Oil Over [Uhoh...Ed] (3/7/2005)
Christian Science Monitor: How High Could Oil Go? (3/7/2005)
Syrian Troops Pullback by end of March (3/7/2005)
Summit May Favor Tackling Causes of Terror Over Military Response (3/7/2005)
UK: House of Lords Defeats Govt's Anti-Terror Bill (3/7/2005)
Oil Prices Dip, Stay Above $53 (3/7/2005)
The Clusterfu** Nation Chronicle (3/7/2005)
The Prophecy of Oil (3/7/2005)
Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake - Off the Coast of Oregon (3/7/2005)

Junk Food Weekend

Warren Buffet Gives Krispy Kreme a Boost
"Super Size Me" - The Debate
Subway: Junk Food, Junk Economy
EU Goes After Junk Food
Food Execs Say They are Helping Kids Fight Fat

A Prayer, Hope, a Dream & Real Estate (3/4/2005)
Dollar Declines Against Euro (3/4/2005)
Oil Could Hit $80 in Next 2 Years: OPEC (3/4/2005)
The Water Century (3/4/2005)
The Intellectual Incoherence of Conservatism (3/4/2005)
Syria Seeks Arab Solution in Lebanon (3/4/2005)
Roach: Setback in India (3/4/2005)
Crude Oil Tops $55 (3/3/2005)
Arabs Try to Control Storm Over Syria (3/3/2005)
Oil Prices Confound Experts (3/3/2005)
Haiti: One Year After Washington's Coup (3/3/2005)
Here's Why Interest Rates Are Going Up This Spring (3/3/2005)
Railroad & Resort Magnate Arrested in Japan in Fraud Case (3/3/2005)
Gold: The Debt Trap (3/2/2005)
Don't Ask, Don't Tell (3/2/2005)
The Next Big Race: After Nuclear Arms, is Energy Next? (3/2/2005)
This Jury Will Make Bernie Pay (3/2/2005)
German Jobless Rate at a New High (3/2/2005)
The Climate Debate: When Science Serves the State (3/2/2005)
Ground Zero As Profit Center (3/2/2005)
Is China Growing Freer Than the West? (3/2/2005)
4 Ways to Pad Your Portfolio for a Crash (3/1/2005)
GM Cuts Prices on SUV's (3/1/2005)
Oil: Is this the Year When Demand Outstrips Supply? (3/1/2005)
Gold Directional Indicator Says Buy Dollars (3/1/2005)
Gold Juniors 101 (3/1/2005)
"Last Orders" for the US Dollar (3/1/2005)
Would The Real Money Please Stand Up (3/1/2005)
The Daily Resource (3/1/2005)
Gold Touches Eight Week High (2/28/2005)
Filmmaker Says Rude Awakening About Oil is Coming (2/28/2005)
Tumbling Dominoes in the Middle East (2/28/2005)
Argentina Takes Hardline on IMF (2/28/2005)
Academic Freedom & the Future of Civilization (2/28/2005)
The Future Cost of Oil (2/28/2005)
Moneyization #8 (2/28/2005)
The Decoy of the Falling Dollar (2/28/2005)

Central Banks, the Poor & You

The Anguish of Central Banks
Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Banker to the Poor, to Speak at Babson
Larouche on Crisis and the Banks
The Federal Reserve Act
Who Owns The Federal Reserve?


Putin Loses Smile After Lecture on Democracy from Bush (2/24/2005)
Judge Rules Prosecutor Can't See Times Reporters' Phone Records (2/24/2005)
Fake FBI Email Contains Virus (2/24/2005)
Lufthansa May Sue Over Bush Visit Flight Disruption (2/24/2005)
Korea Denies Dollar Rumors (2/23/2005)
UN: Help the Bird Flu Nations! (2/23/2005)
Japan Population Deflation (2/23/2005)
It's Not About Investing Anymore (2/23/2005)
Oil 4 Month High (2/23/2005)
Dollar Falling Hard and Fast on Korean News (2/23/2005)
Stocks Slammed (2/23/2005)
Quake Rocks Iran (2/23/2005)
Interesting Times (2/23/2005)
The Crash that Was (2/22/2005)
Gaia Trust Grants and Awards (2/22/2005)
US Economy Out of Steam (2/22/2005)
Number of Personal Bankruptcies Sets Record in Indiana (2/22/2005)
The Market's Conundrum (2/22/2005)

East Asia Security Issues

China Military Buildup Tipping Balance
US Bill Would Scrap `One China' Policy
China Slams US Congress for Backing Taiwan Ties
Japan Worries Aloud with U.S. on China-Taiwan
US-Japan Pact Would Deter War: Experts

Iranian Cleric Blogs for Free Expression (2/18/2005)
Living in a Bubble (2/18/2005)
China Overtakes the US in Consumption (2/17/2005)
Another Recession in Japan (2/17/2005)
How America Built Empire on Third World Debt (2/17/2005)
Global Job Creation Weak (2/17/2005)
Circuit City to Close 19 Stores (2/17/2005)
Rates to Rise: Greenspan (2/17/2005)
Bearish Rooster Year Scenario (2/16/2005)
Russia: Two Oil Company Heads Detained (2/16/2005)
A Peek Behind Bush II's 'War on Tyranny' (2/16/2005)
It's All Too Weird & I Am Too Scared (2/16/2005)
Cuba's Dollar Ban (2/16/2005)
Is the Dollar on the Verge of Another Breakdown? (2/16/2005)
D2 Journal: Summarizing 2004 Predictions [Finally!] (2/16/2005)
EU Court Overturns 'McLibel' Convictions (2/16/2005)
Battlefield Earth (2/16/2005)
The Crush of Time (2/16/2005)
Kyoto Goes Into Effect (2/16/2005)
New Robot Soldiers: Mechanized Death (2/16/2005)
Magnitude 5.2 - Eastern Honshu, Japan (2/15/2005)
Cyclones Swoop on South Pacific (2/15/2005)
Freedom From Debt Slavery (2/15/2005)
Global Job Creation Looks Weak in '05 (2/15/2005)
China, India, Japan Duke it Out in Asia (2/15/2005)
Pensions' Hole Could be Deeper than Thought (2/15/2005)
Bloggers Beware - Have Blog, Lose Job! (2/15/2005)
Beyond Greed and Scarcity (2/14/2005)
Greenspan's Con Job (2/14/2005)
Carly to Get $21.4m Severance (2/14/2005)
Americans Recycling More Paper Than Ever (2/14/2005)
WalMart Child Labor Violations (2/14/2005)
Getting Long Gold and AUD/USD (2/10/2005)
The Rise and Fall of a Corporate American 'Rock Star' (2/10/2005)
Blue Chips Hit 2005 Highs (2/11/2005)
A China Price for Toyota (2/11/2005)
Dell Sales Slow (2/11/2005)
Just Say No: ADHD Drug Linked to Children's Deaths (2/11/2005)
Biggest U.S. Pension Fund Warns on Private Equity (2/10/2005)
2004 Trade Gap Tops $600B
Pfizer to Cut Upto 12,000
Australia Growing Strong Thanks to China (2/10/2005)
Bush Gets Tough on Iran (2/10/2005)
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! - February 9, 2005
Roach: Confession Time (2/8/2005)
China Says Yuan Not Undervalued (2/8/2005)
Granville Sees Doom for Dow (2/8/2005)
Bush Needs Magic to Trim Deficit (2/8/2005)
Feng Shui Master: Upcoming Rooster Year 'Unfavourable' (2/7/2005)
Rumsfeld Faces Possible Arrest in Germany on War Crimes (2/7/2005)
IMF Looks at Gold Sale Options for Debt Relief (2/7/2005)
Bush Boosts Military, Cuts Education, Environment, Etc. (2/7/2005)
Sony's Supercomputer on a Chip (2/7/2005)
Dollar Rally! Three Month High (2/7/2005)
G, S, T - NYSE Ticker Symbols Available Soon Due to Mergers (2/7/2005)
Chinese Rooster Year Outlook Part I (2/4/2005)
Runaway World: Globalization (2/4/2005)
Commodities to be Priced in Euros? (2/4/2005)
China Blasts US Deadline on Yuan (2/4/2005)
Deutsche Bank to Cut 6,400 (2/4/2005)
Global Warming Timetable Released (2/3/2005)
German Unemployment Higest Since Great Depression (2/3/2005)
Amazon Earnings Well Below Street Forecast (2/3/2005)
Federal Agency Takes Over US Airways Pensions (2/3/2005)
Fed Sixth Rate Hike (2/3/2005)
SBC-ATT to Cut 13,000 (2/2/2005)
Microsoft Mission: Search and Destroy (2/2/2005)
Half of All Bankruptcies Due to Medical Bills (2/2/2005)
KPFA Berkeley (2/2/2005)
Jess Black: Long Bonds and the Yield Curve (2/2/2005)
How Much Notice for a Flu Pandemic? (2/2/2005)
China Financed Yukos Deal (2/2/2005)
Return of the Draft (2/1/2005)
The Coming Wars (2/1/2005)
U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote: 83% Turnout Despite Vietcong Terror (1967)
New Bubble Ready to Burst? (2/1/2005)
Is Walmart a Person? (2/1/2005)
Street on Fed Watch (2/1/2005)
HP and the 'Next Transistor' (2/1/2005)
Dead Cat Bounce (2/1/2005)

China Rising

The Bull Market is Dead! Long Live the Bull Market!
Bill Gates Bets Against Dollar, For China - To Invest $100M
China to Buy 60 Boeing 787s
First Direct Flights Between China, Taiwan in 55 Years!
China, One Coin, Two Faces

Wire Stories Archive Here

Selected Features - Depression2.tv

by D2 Readers - Open for YOUR Comments
27 December 2004

GATA, streetTRACKS GLD Fund, The Bullion Desk & the "D2 Paradox"
by Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer GATA - Open for Comments
9 December 2004

The American Consumer, An Accident Waiting to Happen
by Stephen Roach - Open for Comments
30 November 2004

Putin & Petro-Dollar Revolt
by Jim Willie CB - Open for Comments
26 November 2004

Memo on the Fed
by Jude Wanniski - Open for Comments
22 November 2004

Economic Depression - Precisely Why and Approximately When
by Russ Randall - Open for Comments
9 November 2004

Skull & Bones Win Election!
Open Thread
3 November 2004

Wake Up America! Bush Playing into Osama's Plan
Open Thread
2 November 2004

Open Thread: Profiteering in Wartime
Follow the Money
06 October 2004

Depression2 Journal
Open Thread
3 November 2004

Why Create A Depression?
By Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Alan Greenspan (Satire)
8 September 2004

Election Piracy: Bonesmen for President!
Politial Realities
23 February 2004

Cancelled Elections, 2004?
October surprise: Terrorist attack leads to a suspended constitution
and an indefinite Bush Administration...?
29 April 2004

The Coming Draft
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is adamant that he will not ask Congress to authorize a draft...Nonetheless, the agency has begun the process of creating the procedures and policies...

Meltdown Near?
Classic Archive
Lancaster, Nystrom, 11 March 2004

Gold and Economic Freedom
Alan Greenspan, 1966

How Will You Vote this November? The Facts!
Even More Politial Realities!
8 February 2004

The True Unemployment Rate
More Politial Realities
7 February 2004

Remembering Mao
Politial Realities
31 January 2004

Happy Chinese New Year: 2004 Predictions
Depression2.tv's view
22 January 2004

Real Estate 21st Century Style
What the dot.commers are doing today
16 January 2004

2003 Predictions Recap
Depression2.tv's review
31 December 2003

Gold All Comers Invitational
Reader's Favorite Gold Stocks
7 January 2004

Economist Jokes for Christmas!
25 December 2003

The Fifth Wave Advance in Gold
15 December 2003 | Edward Gofsky

Happy Thanksgiving (Unless Yer A Turkey!)
27 November 2003

Get Ready for the Kondratieff Winter
26 November 2003

MZM Exponential Growth vs. Fed Funds Rate
Analysis - 15 October 2003

Socionomics: The Science of History and Social Prediction
Reviewed by Fred Reynolds - 15 October 2003

Total Recall - Life Imitates Art
Satire - 13 October 2003

Bobble Head Twenty
Observation - 10 October 2003

New Words for 2003
Humor - 9 October 2003

The Hitler Test
26 September 2003

The Great Leveling
19 September 2003

Back on the Air!
11 September 2003

School Prayer at Columbine
16 August 2003

Debt & Deflation Potpourri
13 August 2003

Jack Lessinger, Reviewed by Michael Nystrom, 21 July 2003

What to Do (And What Not to Do)
During the Coming Deflationary Depression

Robert Prechter, Excerpted from "At The Crest of the Tidal Wave"

Long Gold, Long Short
Richard Lancaster, 23 June 2003

Pop! No Top!
On the Way to Dow 10K?

Michael Nystrom, 4 June 2003

Pop and Drop!
Was that the Top?

Michael Nystrom, 2 June 2003

There Can be No True Happiness
and Progress Without Spirituality

21 November 1911 by `Abdu'l-Baha

The Promise Of World Peace
The Universal House of Justice, July 2003
Originally Published October, 1985

SPX: High for the Year is IN!
Rick McCoy, 5 May 2003

A Gold Mint Under Every Pillow!
Web Site Review
1 April 2003 by Richard Lancaster

The Bahai Faith and Economics: A Review and Synthesis Analysis
1997 by Bryan Graham

Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People
Analysis - 11 March 2003 by Pastor Sheldon Emry

Oil vs. Approval
Commentary - 6 March 2003 by Richard Lancaster

Power to the POG - Update (Reader Feedback)
18 February 2003 by Richard Lancaster

Power to the POG
(and how to send a message to Goldfinger!)

Editorial Analysis - 17 February 2003 by Richard Lancaster

The Real Axis of Evil
(Wealth vs. Poverty)

Editorial Analysis
17 February 2003 by Richard Lancaster

An Introduction to the Unknown News
News Unknown to the Masses
12 February 2003 by Harry & Helen Highwater

DOW vs. Alerts
Pict-o-graph - 8 February 2003 by Richard Lancaster

Consolidation, Congestion and Breakouts
Market Analysis - 5 February 2003 by M.A. Nystrom

Give Peace A Chance
Fun - 1 February 2003 by Richard Lancaster

Vancouver Resource Investment Conference
Field Report - 28 January 2003 by Richard Lancaster

Letter from Canada
24 January 2003 by Mark Aarssen

A Bad Market on Good News is Bad News!
Microsoft's Earnings - 19 January 2003

See the Chronicles Index for the Complete Archive.

Popular Features - Depression2.tv

Pop Goes the Bubble Part II:
Sell Your House Now!!!

26 December 2002 by M.A. Nystrom

2003 Outlook and Predictions
Depression2.tv's Views
31 December 2002

Predictions 2002: Recap
Recapping Last Year's Predictions
26 December 2002

Black Tuesday October 29th 1929 REVISITED?
16 October 2002, Richard Lancaster

Chronicles: For The Record
22 July 2002, by Richard Lancaster

Greenspan Called on the Carpet!
27 February 2002

Predictions 2002
31 December 2001

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